Beijing opera music comes from a variety of Chinese opera musics (see performance page). Here is a recording with accompanying English notes or list of pieces.(More recordings will be added soon)

  • Peking Opera Company. 1956. Chinese Opera. New York: Angel Recording. Vinyl recording.

    This LP contains 4 high quality excerpts from Beijing operas. An illustrated accompanying booklet provides English translations of the arias, synopsis of the operas, performer pictures and names, and an introduction to the Chinese orchestra.

    Readers should note that this book is a general introduction to Chinese theatre that is helpful in understanding Beijing opera's background. It is not a specific discussion on Beijing opera. This book uses the Wade-Giles romanization instead of the pinyin. If you want to convert Wade-Giles to pinyin click on the Wade-Giles convertor link below.

    Library of Congress Pinyin Conversion Project. 1999. New Chinese Romanization Guidelines. Library of Congress. May 28. http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pinyin/romcover.html. 28 Sept. 2010.

Websites with more sources

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